The Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness (SCATEH) is a local movement to prevent and end homelessness in Simcoe County through coordinated strategies, advocacy and awareness.


As a Simcoe County-wide non-profit coalition of over 70 individuals and organizations, we undertake three core activities:

  • Coordinate the system of care to end homelessness
  • Advocate for client access to systems, and seek policy change to support ending homelessness
  • Raise awareness of homelessness in Simcoe County 

In Simcoe County, there is an affordable housing crisis.  The issue is too complex for any one of us to solve alone and we believe together, we can find a solution.  We want to work with you – Community Stakeholders, Developers, and Elected Officials towards ending homelessness.

As a County-wide collation, SCATEH is uniquely positioned to lead collective impact.  There is a need for a coordinated system of care to address homelessness proactively and strategically. There is evidence that a coordinated system works. SCATEH is committed to partnering with the community towards the development of a coordinated system of care to end homelessness.

Housing is the solution to homelessness. Apart from the obvious social benefits, there are financial benefits to developing a range of affordable housing options.  New research suggests that homelessness costs the Canadian economy $7 billion per year.  Building affordable housing makes good business sense.

There are a variety of tools and resources available and resources to assist with the development of affordable housing. We believe that homelessness is not a given and that not just reducing, but ending, the crisis is achievable.