Established in December, 1998, the Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness has 5 Chapters: North Simcoe, South Simcoe, Orillia and Area, Barrie and South Georgian Bay.  The Chapters carry out SCATEH’s mandate with direction and coordination from a central steering committee. Membership in SCATEH is open to all individuals and organizations that uphold the mandate and goals of SCATEH.  


Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is the co-ordinating, implementing and decision making body of the Alliance, where strategic and operational decisions are made.  Comprised of Chapter representatives as well as advisors from government and the United Way, the Steering Committee strikes Work Groups as needed and oversees and co-ordinates these groups.  The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating an annual operational work plan in September of each year with input from larger membership
  • Formulating SCATEH policies and strategic directions
  • Establishing SCATEH’s communications strategy and tools
  • Overseeing, coordinating and supporting chapter activities
  • Ensuring accountability in adhering to philosophy set forth by the Alliance members
  • Maintaining decision making power through voting process
  • Ensuring best practice information is communicated to all members
  • Providing direction and support as needed to members 
  • Representing SCATEH in communications with the county, provincial and federal governments
  • Linking SCATEH to related organizations and partners, such as other advocacy, research and education groups


Each Chapter is responsible for:

  1. Identifying the resources and gaps that exist with respect to housing stock and related supports in its geographic area 
  2. Developing and carrying out local plans aimed at increasing and strengthening suitable housing options while advancing the mission and vision of SCATEH, in partnership with community stakeholders
  3. Contributing to county-wide planning through participation on the Steering Committee and collaboration with other chapters