The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association released the results of its 2014 survey on wait time for subsidized housing. Subsidized, or rent-geared-to-income, housing is one type of affordable housing.  The ONPHA survey generated a report for each county in Ontario which includes information on subsidized housing waitlists and progress on affordable housing. The report for Simcoe County can be found here, but here are some of the highlights:

Using funds from the federal and provincial governments, since 2004 Simcoe County has helped

  • Build 528 new affordable rental units
  • 300 families purchase their own homes
  • 500 households to afford their housing by offering rent supplements
  • 57 families to make much-needed repairs or make their homes accessible.

Still, 47% of renters and 33% of homeowners spent more than 30% of their income on housing costs in 2011, putting them in financial stress.

The data shows that the greatest need for housing is among seniors, who are waiting the longest (4.6 years) and make up 39% of those waiting for housing assistance in Simcoe County.

As we head to the polls for the municipal election on October 27, citizens of Simcoe County are encouraged to help make affordable housing, including subsidized housing, a priority by letting candidates know this is an important issue to us. Questions for candidates can be found at the link above as well.


All information in this posting is taken from the 2014 report An Affordable Home for Everyone in Simcoe County published by the ONPHA.

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